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Photo Contest Sumbissions Being Accepted

 | Published on 4/1/2021

We are now accepting submissions for our 2nd Quarter photo contest with winners being printed in the Great Loop 2022 calendar later this year. For this quarter’s contest, we ask that you submit photos taken on the Loop in the areas between the Keys and the eastern side of Florida (including the Bahamas) where Loopers would typically be in January, February and March.

Photo Specifications

Last quarter we received many photos that were beautiful but not of print quality, so they won't work for a calendar. To ensure we receive print quality photos based on the calendar specifications, photos submitted in the contest must have a minimum pixel width of 3000 and a minimum pixel height of 2500 with a minimum horizontal/vertical resolution of 72 dpi. To determine if your photo has these specifications, you can right click the file name of the photo in your personal computer files. Select Properties from the menu and then click the Details tab. Underneath the Image section is where you will find the pixel and dpi information. Photos that don't meet these specifications will not be included in the contest.

For more details and to submit your photos, visit