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Help Us Determine the "Best of the Best"

 | Published on 10/31/2019
We've regularly been requesting that members add points of interest to the "Best of the Loop" categories on the Great Loop Interactive Map.  Now, we need you to help us select the "best of the best"!

As part of the upcoming Virtual Fall Rendezvous, I'll be presenting a session on the Best of the Loop in several categories as a way to introduce those who haven't yet Looped to the types of things they'll see and do along the way.  We've set up a poll for each category and listed all of the entries members have made to the map.  We need you to pick your favorite for each category.

Select the Best of the Best

We are absolutely certain that some of you will be disappointed when what you deem the best in a certain category is not among those listed as choices.  The only way to rectify that is for more people to participate by submitting "bests" to the map.   We'll pick them up from there and the next time we update the "best of the best", they'll be included in the poll.

Select the Best of the Best now!

Thanks in advance for your help!
Curtis Stokes and Associates
Cruisers' Net
Loyalist Cove Marina