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Gold Burgee

Gold Looper Reunion
February 2nd
Other Social Interaction: 
January 26th-February 11th

Our Gold Looper Reunion is back virtually!  Join fellow Gold Loopers for "docktails" on February 2nd from 4:00-6:00pm eastern.  Gold Loopers can also participate in additional social interaction with other Looper-palooza track registrants throughout the event.  All free to Gold Loopers!

White Burgee

Route Briefing
January 26th-February 11th
Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Route sessions will pick up where the route sessions left off at the Virtual Fall Rendezvous.  Sessions include:  Fort Myers to Miami via the Keys, The Okeechobee Waterway, Miami to Jacksonville, and Jacksonville to Norfolk.  There will also be a session on a side trip to the Bahamas.

The Route Briefing is open to any member, but is geared toward those currently cruising the Great Loop route or those planning to soon cruise the waters we'll be covering.

Registration is $165 per registered couple or individual on one device and includes all live sessions and their recordings for on-demand playback, social interaction with fellow Loopers, sponsor interaction and shipped welcome bag.  Please note you can only register for one track.  If you have interest in the sessions that are part of the Looper Lifestyle event then you can purchase them directly from the webinar library.

Click here for the Route Briefing agenda.

**You must sign into your account on the website to see the Register button for the Route Briefing Track.**

Route Briefing Registration
Great Loop Cruising: A Guide to the Looper Lifestyle
Recorded Webinars (6):  On-Demand
Social Interaction: 
January 26th-February 11th

Our popular "Looper Lifestyle" seminar goes virtual for the first time!

Looper Lifestyle seminars are meant for those new to the idea of the Great Loop or still in the planning stages.  Topics of the pre-recorded webinars include Introduction to the Great Loop, Finding and Buying your Looping Boat, Marine Electronics, Navigation, Anchoring, and Weather.

Registration is $165 per registered couple or individual on one device, six webinar recordings, live interaction with other Looper-palooza track registrants throughout the event, shipped welcome bag and an AGLCA membership or membership extension per registration.  Please note you can only register for one track.

Click here for the Looper Lifestyle agenda.

Looper Lifestyle Registration


Looper-palooza Components

In addition to the track sessions outlined in each agenda above, all attendees have the opportunity to participate in live, interactive activities.  The social activities will not be recorded for on-demand playback so we encourage you to participate live so you can get the most out of your Looper-palooza experience.  




Lunch & Learn with AGLCA Sponsors

At our in-person events, we call these Sponsor Show & Tells.  This is a chance for our sponsors to tell you about the products and services they offer that can help you before, during, or after your Great Loop adventure.  The sessions will take place with different sponsors presenting each day followed by live Q & A.  They will also be recorded for attendees to watch at their convenience.  Try to attend live, though, because those who attend all of the Lunch & Learn sessions will be entered into a drawing for a free three-year AGLCA membership extension!  Lunch & Learn sessions will be held from noon-12:50pm eastern on January 28th, February 2nd, 4th, 9th and 11th.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants.


Social Interaction

Introduction of Loopers: If you’ve been to a live event, you know that everyone is offered the mic to introduce themselves.  For this session, we’ll break the attendee roster into groups of about 20.  Each group will include Gold Loopers, Loopers in Progress, and Planners.  There will be a host for each group who will moderate as each Looper wanting to introduce themselves tells who they are and another small tidbit, such as their favorite part of the Loop, when they plan to Loop, or what interests them most about the Loop.  Introductions will be given on Tuesday, January 26th at 8:15pm eastern.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants.

Small Groups:
As part of our effort to keep it about the people, we’re including some discussions where you can connect with a smaller segment of attendees and dive deeper into topics of interest.  In these small group sessions, we’ll connect you with five other couples or solo Loopers with whom you have something in common.  We can’t give specifics until we know who has registered and more about them, but groupings may be based on geography, type of boat, when you plan to do the Loop, who you’re Looping with (such as families or solo Loopers) or some other parameters that provide commonality.  Each group will be facilitated by Gold Loopers who can share their stories and advice.  You’ll leave these sessions with a group of new Looper friends with whom you can keep in contact as you continue your Great Loop plans.  You'll have opportunity to connect with your small group two different times during Looper-palooza  Small group sessions are scheduled for Thursday, January 28th at 8:15pm eastern and again on Tuesday, February 9th at 8:00pm eastern.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants.

Roundtable Discussions:  Virtual tables, each assigned a different Loop-related topic, will be available for attendees to ask questions and share knowledge on the topic at hand. Attendees can move from table to table at their own pace.  These roundtables will take place on Thursday, February 4th beginning at 6:30pm eastern. Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants. 

Open Q & A: 
In addition to the live Q & A after each route session, there will be a separate Q & A session to wrap up Looper-palooza.  Attendees can ask follow-up questions on what they've learned during the event or ask any type of question related to Looping to a panel of Gold Loopers.  It's sure to be chock-full of wisdom and information.  This Q & A session will be held on Thursday, February 11th at 8:00pm eastern.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants.

Attendees can test their Great Loop knowledge by participating in the Great Loop Trivia Contest.  The trivia contest will be held on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8:15pm eastern.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants. 

These social sessions will not be recorded and will not be available for on-demand viewing.

Expo Hall

Visit with our sponsors to learn more about them and how they can help you on your Loop.  You can video chat, schedule appointments to discuss your specific plans, and gather special discount offers.  Just like at an in-person event, you'll have the opportunity to win a three-year membership extension if you visit with all the sponsors in the Expo Hall.  The Expo Hall will be open on Thursday, February 4th from 6:30-9:00pm eastern.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants. 

Swag & More

Welcome Bags:
  These have become a tradition at live events and this event is no exception.  Registered attendees (excluding the free Gold Looper registration) will have Welcome Bags shipped to them prior to the start of Looper-palooza!  They will include lots of goodies from sponsors including a few extra bonuses like a free t-shirt.  You must register by January 6th, though, to be guaranteed a t-shirt.  Bags will be shipped to Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants who registered by January 12th before the event. Those registering after January 12th will receive their welcome bags after for the event.

Door Prizes:  The additional gifts you love to win from sponsors will also be randomly given away as door prizes. Prize winners will be announced on January 26th, January 28th, February 2nd, February 9th as well as February 11th and prizes will be shipped to winners by the providing Sponsors.  Open to Gold Loopers, Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrants. 

Registration opens on December 11th at 10:00am eastern.
Registration Deadline:  Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 11:59pm eastern
To be guaranteed a free t-shirt, you must register by January 6th.  Registrations accepted after January 12th will receive welcome bags after the event.

Fees: Route Briefing and Looper Lifestyle registrations are $165 per registered couple or individual on the same device.  Registration for the Gold Looper track is free.  Refer to the individual track descriptions at the top of the page to see what each track's registration fee includes. Registration for the Gold Looper Reunion is open to Gold Loopers who are current and past members.  Looper Lifestyle is open to members and non-members.  The Route Briefing is open only to AGLCA members so if you wish to attend and you are a non-member, click here to join before registering for the Route Briefing track.

Overall Event Times The "official" event begins Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30pm eastern, but it will take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening until February 11th.  The primary content will be presented on those days from 6:30-9:00pm eastern each night.  The optional Lunch & Learns will be from noon-12:50pm eastern most of those days.  All route sessions will be recorded so Route Session attendees can watch at their convenience if they can not attend every night.  See track agendas at the top of the page for specific times and dates pertinent to each track.

Registration Process:  During the registration process, you'll be asked more questions than you typically would for an in-person event.  Please be patient in the process and answer all questions.  This is necessary for us to be able to appropriately match attendees for the Looper Introductions and Small Groups.

Technical Assistance:
AGLCA will be sending information regarding the technology being used for Looper-palooza and the Home Port Crew will be setting up practice sessions to get you comfortable with the virtual environment before the event begins on January 26th. You'll start receiving these emails after registration closes on January 12th.

Event Emails: Please be sure to add,, and  to your contact list or safe senders list in your email account.  Your registration confirmation email, and other important emails leading up to the Rendezvous, will come from these addresses.  We'd hate for you to miss something because our emails land in your spam folder.

Cancellations received by the cancellation date of January 12th will receive a refund less a $50 cancellation fee. Registrations cancelled after that date will not receive a refund but will still receive a shipped welcome bag and access to the recordings.