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Ron & Eva Stob Volunteer of the Year Award

In 2019, when AGLCA celebrated its 20th Anniversary, AGLCA staff felt it was appropriate to do something special for the Association's founders, Ron & Eva Stob. So, the inaugural Ron & Eva Stob Volunteer of the Year Award was created to honor their legacy and honor that same type of dedication in AGLCA members as the Association moves forward.  The AGLCA Home Port Crew takes into consideration the volunteer efforts of members over the course of a year and typically selects an annual winner.  The winner is usually presented with an award at the Fall Rendezvous in Rogersville, AL each October. 

Eddy & Linda Johnsen
2020 Recipients

Eddy & Linda have presented two 90-minute sessions at each of the last seven Fall Rendezvous to help their fellow Loopers safely cruise from Mobile to Tarpon Spring via the Big Bend Route or the Gulf Crossing. In addition, "Eddy's Weather WAG" provided daily information to Loopers during the Gulf crossing season for several years, helping hundreds of Loopers identify suitable weather windows. In addition to those services to the Looper community, Eddy & Linda have been an integral part of AGLCA's Advisory Council, serving as a sounding board for the Home Port Crew on difficult decisions related to membership benefits, events and more.

Ron & Eva Stob Volunteer Award 2019
Ron & Eva Stob
2019 Recipients

The makings of AGLCA came together in 1999 when Ron & Eva presented on the Great Loop at their first TrawlerFest event and had a sign-up sheet for those who wanted to be part of a new organization and the rest as they say is history.  Their book, Honey, Let's Get a Boat, is the story that started it all and it's still the "go to" book for those interested in the Loop.  After many years of building the Association, they turned over the reins to KFR Services in 2007.  Today, they own Raven Cove Publishing which sells their books and Great Loop maps.  They remain active in the Association as AGLCA Sponsors and still attend Rendezvous events on occasion where they will gladly answer questions and sign books.