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Sponsor of the Year Award

In 2018, AGLCA created an award to honor the outstanding service and support AGLCA sponsors provide Loopers. AGLCA accepts nominations from members during the summer months and then the membership votes on a yearly winner from those sponsors who are nominated.  The Sponsor of the Year Award is usually presented at the Fall Rendezvous held at Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, AL each October.

Ethan & Kim Vorchheimer and staff
Ess-Kay Yards
2020 Recipient

Ess-Kay Yards had been an AGLCA sponsor for the better part of a decade at the time of their award recognition. Located in Brewerton, NY, Ess-Kay is a family owned and operated marina founded in 1968 by George E Mann. Kim is George's daughter and she, Ethan, and their staff are proud of the quality service, warmth and hospitality they share with Loopers and all boaters who visit their facility on the Erie Canal.

One nominator shared the following about Ethan & Kim.

"In addition to all their normal caring for Loopers and boaters in general, this year saw them very active in pushing to get the Erie Canal opened. They also kept the boating community informed and up-to-date on what was going to happen when things did start to open. Great sponsor, always willing to help, and good discounts for members."

Chris & Alyse Caldwell
Capt. Chris Yacht Services
2019 Recipient

At the time of their award recognition, Chris & Alyse Caldwell had been AGLCA sponsors for 10 years and they have presented at almost all AGLCA events.  They educate Loopers in classroom settings and through training DVDs as well as onboard vessels.  They go out out of their way every day to provide Loopers with the knowledge they need to have a safe, fun-filled Great Loop Adventure. 

One nominator shared the following about Chris and Alyse.

"Chris and Alyse are FANTASTIC!!! We hired Capt. Chris for help with docking and he went above and beyond to explain not just docking but so much more about the engine, windlass, maintenance, etc. He saved us a ton of money by finding a problem with our windlass; plus, he taught us so much and we have been boating for 20+ years. Chris also has great posts on FB each week which are open to everyone free of charge. And truly anyone can call him at any time and he will help you over the phone. He also supports AGLCA and they attend the Rendezvous and provide tons of info. Both of these individuals go above and beyond for all boaters. They more than deserve this award."

Curtis Stokes Award 2018
Curtis & Gill Stokes
Curtis Stokes & Associates
2018 Recipient

Curtis Stokes & Associates has been a faithful Admiral Sponsor of AGLCA for many years and Curtis Stokes along with his staff go above and beyond to help Loopers find the right boats to achieve their Great Loop dreams by taking into account the lifestyle, budget, needs and preferences of their customers while educating them on the features a Loop boat must have.  Additionally, when Loopers are ready to move on to other adventures, they make sure they find another owner looking for their dream boat.  Curtis shares his expertise on finding the right Looping boat at AGLCA Rendezvous and Looper Lifestyle events each year.  Staff attend all AGLCA events as exhibitors and eagerly answer questions from Loopers.

A nominator shared this comment about Curtis Stokes & Associates.

"Curtis and his entire team is focused on cruisers finding the RIGHT boat and enjoying the lifestyle, not just making a sale. They took the time to educate us on boats, what to look for and were patient at every twist and turn. It's a pleasure to find a brokerage with such integrity and community involvement."