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Brielle, NJ to Kingston, ON

Great Loop Segment: New York through Lake Ontario

The segment of the Great Loop from Brielle, NJ to Kingston, Ontario is approximately 500 miles with the stops as we have provided in the sample itinerary, which brings you through the Erie and Oswego Canal systems to Lake Ontario.

You have options in this segment that would change the total miles of your cruise, depending on which routes you wish to take.

Your choice of waterways through New York State and into Canada will be dependent on your air draft. If you can clear a 15' bridge, you have the option to take the Erie Canal to its western terminus into Lake Erie.  If you can clear a 17' bridge, you can do the "Triangle Loop" that takes you into Lake Champlain and through the St. Lawrence Seaway into Lake Ontario.  If the lowest you can clear is 19', you'll take the Erie Canal to the Oswego Canal into Lake Ontario.

If you wanted to take the Triangle Loop, at the point where you are approaching the N.Y.S. Canal System Sign, stay on the Hudson River and continue to the Champlain Canal and follow it to the St. Lawrence River. This route allows you to explore Montreal, Quebec and the Rideau Canal on your way back down to Kingston, Ontario.

For the purposes of this sample itinerary, we will be traveling the Erie Canal, to the Oswego Canal, arriving in Oswego, NY before heading across Lake Ontario to Canada. 

The topic of firearms comes up occasionally in the forum. We do not recommend bringing firearms with you on the Loop, and New York is one place with rather strict rules and regulations regarding weapons. You may not carry a weapon on your boat when in state waters without a permit. Be sure firearms do not leave your boat and that you have all the proper paperwork showing ownership. The penalties include fines and jail time, so check with New York to find out what is required before you get there.

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Captains' Notes
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Great Loop Link Articles
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Sample Itinerary
Sample Itinerary
All Loopers have their own cruising style and preferences on miles to travel per day, cruising speed, number of nights per week in a marina, etc. This New York through Lake Ontario Itinerary, based on a preferred distance of 50 miles per day, was developed to give you an idea of the types of places and things you will see during your Great Loop adventure.

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AGLCA Great Loop Radio Podcast Episodes
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