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Norfolk to Brielle, NJ

Great Loop Segment: Chesapeake through New Jersey
The segment of the Great Loop from Norfolk, VA to Brielle, NJ is 510 miles from the Chesapeake Bay to the NJ ICW. 

Chesapeake Bay general cruising information: You will find generally good weather for cruising in the bay, but storms can come up fast, so keep an eye on weather to the West. Also keep in mind the conditions can be vastly different from the lower Bay to the upper Bay. Tides move up and down the Bay, which is a bit different than you found in Georgia and South Carolina. Know that if it’s low tide in Virginia, it’s going to be high tide in the middle of the Bay and low tide in the upper Bay. Most of the Bay has a sandy bottom, but you will find some muck in the upper Bay. The Chesapeake Operational Forecast System is a great source for Bay conditions.


The Bay is quite busy with commercial traffic and you will want to keep your eyes open for crab pots/line and fish nets/traps. The water will be brackish until you reach Annapolis and you will need to be alert to the possibilities of jelly fish during the summer months in the lower bay.

Leaving Cape May and heading North, you have two options: the New Jersey ICW or the ocean route. Generally speaking, if you draft less than 3’, you should have no problems taking the NJ ICW. If you draft over 4’, you’ll need to take the ocean route because the NJ ICW can be less than 5’ deep in spots.
On the NJ ICW, do not just follow the magenta line ~ buoys are moved as needed, depending on water conditions.

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Forum Posts

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Captains' Notes
Captains' Notes
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Great Loop Link Articles
Great Loop Link Articles
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Sample Itinerary
Sample Itinerary
All Loopers have their own cruising style and preferences on miles to travel per day, cruising speed, number of nights per week in a marina, etc. This Chesapeake through New Jersey Itinerary, based on a preferred distance of 50 miles per day, was developed to give you an idea of the types of places and things you will see during your Great Loop adventure.

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