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App Screen for AGLCA
AGLCA has a mobile app for our members!  Our app provides a mobile version of the website that displays in a more user-friendly way than accessing it in a browser on a mobile device.  If you typically access the site on a mobile device, you’ll want to visit the site through the app instead of through a browser like Safari or Chrome.
Download the app from the Apple Store

Download the app from the Google Play Store

AGLCA's Free Official Member Tracker App - Nebo

Nebo Boat Logging App - Find other Loopers! - At the request of our members, AGLCA has partnered with Nebo making logging your boat's location and finding other Loopers easy.  By automating the tedious task of logging sea voyages, you can spend more time enjoying your on-water boating adventures. Nebo is the easiest and best way to auto-log your boating journeys and to keep in touch with friends on the water (and those unfortunate enough to be stuck at home).

Nebo is designed so that it syncs with the AGLCA member database and member boat markers are reflected as the AGLCA logo.  The Home Port Crew will be syncing members twice a week based on email addresses, so you must be sure that the email address used in your member profile on this website matches the one in your Nebo account.  Click here for instructions on how to make sure your email address is set the same in both accounts.

Tracker Device for Added Benefits - Nebo

These features work with the free member app, but there are advantages to using the Nebo Tracker which Nebo offers to members and non-members.

•    Starts automatically when the boat moves, so you don’t need to remember to start a voyage in the app.
•    Stays with the boat, so when you leave the boat with your smart phone, Nebo still shows the boat’s location.
•    Doesn’t utilize the data from your existing cell plan.
•    Doesn’t drain the battery on your smart phone to run the Nebo app.

The Nebo tracker can also assist with safety in the following ways:

A person falls overboard unnoticed.  Nebo’s continually recorded track provides rescuers with a starting point for the search.

A vessel capsizes, and the EPIRB cannot be activated.  Nebo will show the track, and the likely location the capsize occurred.  Rescue authorities can model the current location of the vessel.

A captain requests assistance over the radio, or via Nebo. Rescuers can see the vessel’s location, rather than rely on a potentially inaccurate description.  Rescuers can see other vessels in the vicinity, and ask that they assist.

A captain asks friends to monitor their location and status.  Nebo allows those on land to easily monitor the status and location of the vessel, and alert authorities if required.

AGLCA’s parent company, KFR Services, Inc., is now the North American reseller for these Nebo trackers and you can purchase a tracker whether you’re an AGLCA member or not.  The tracker is $79 with the AGLCA coupon code ($99 for non-members) and the monthly subscription (which covers all data transmission) is $11 and it's month-to-month. You can get further information on the tracker and purchase one online by using this page.