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First weather delay
By Gary Stephan
Posted on 4/22/2018 9:09 PM
Left Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday and all has been going well. Spent the first night in a Lake Worth Marina. Glad to get out of the congestion of South Florida. Went offshore from West Palm Beach inlet since seas well pretty calm. Second night at anchor in Fort Pierce. Then stayed at a Marina in Indiatlantica, near Melbourne. Visited with my old friends Tom and Rita Anderson. Great to see them again.
Next night was an anxious night at anchor in Titusville with winds blowing up to 20 mph. A front was moving in but forecasts on how strong it was were mixed. Got an early start the next morning and about 6 boats were in line on the way to Daytona. Crossing Mosquito Lagoon the winds were blowing 20 mph and gusting to 30.
Arrived at Halifax Harbor Marina at the same time as 6 other boats, all traveling from Titusville. Spent the day here today and am not sure if I'm going to spend another day or move on tomorrow. Forecast for tomorrow is for 80 percent chance of rain and windy conditions. Although it's forecast to calm down in the evening when I would be north of St. Augustine. Planning to anchor in a creek there.
The photos are: the two big boats in front of me was when leaving Fort Lauderdale. Monster boats is the norm there.
The Coast Guard pulled up next to me at the Southern Blvd. Bridge which is under construction. It only opened at certain times which is what they told me. I did contact the bridge the night before and had a special opening. They must have thought I was a VIP. This bridge crossing is the closest to Mar Lago, and Trump was there, which is probably the reason for the weaponry.
Another photo of dolphins surfing my wake. I see dolphins in my wake many times a day since the speed of my boat seems to be perfect for them to play in . Always a treat!
Another photo show my "Front Office". That's  my view for 6 to 8 hours a day.
The photo of the boat is at Halifax Harbor Marina where I'm tied up as I write this with the wind blowing up to 25 mph. Meet some great folks here and there are 4 other boats doing the "Loop".
Not sure about the blog, but if I change I will post it here. I have to resize the photos and be online in order to write this. Facebook is so much easier where I can just post from my phone and it resized images automatically. I'll let you know. Love to all from Gary aboard the Motor Vessel "Mary Lisa"
Winter Harbor
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