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Lake Michigan Continues
By Thomas R Friers
Posted on 8/21/2017 10:38 AM
We had a very enjoyable day in South Haven, capped off with the wonderful Italian dinner - then Mary and Katy walked out the pier to join the others who had gathered for a beautiful sunset:

Yesterday we departed at 0910, since we did not have far to go and checkin time at the marinas is technically 1300. Winds were light and offshore so the waves could not build; and the ride was very nice in the seas of 1 foot or less.  During the three hours we were underway for the 20.8 nm trip, we noticed a cherping or squeeking noise coming from what sounded like the engine room.  The primary suspects are the belts on either engine or bearings in the alternator or raw water (cooling) pump on either engine.  I decided that I would troubleshoot once we arrived and not chance having to shut down an engine during the trip - - as luck would have it, the sound went away around 30 minutes prior to our arrival in St Joseph, MI.  All of my attempts to troubleshoot have not been able to recreate the noise - - neither of the alternators or water pumps exhibit any signs of pending bearing failure and none of the belts show any sign of slippage or unusual wear - - also no mice in the bilge.  For now I will need to close the write-up as they often do in the flying world "unable to duplicate" - - then hope for the best.  That is not what a pilot of mariner likes to do, but it is what it is - - let's just hope we do not isolate the problem halfway across Lake Michigan on our 52 nm trek across enroute to Chicago.
We got a nice view of the Eclipse today and I grabbed a picture through the haze and clouds:

Weather should turn dog do-do later today and tomorrow, then the question becomes when the wind will die down enough for our crossing - - possibly Wednesday but more likely Thursday.  In the meantime, we plan to enjoy the town of St Joseph - - did laundry, will grocery shop and try a restaurant or two.
Except for the squeekies or cherpies - - all is well aboard the Jolly Mon
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