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Here we go Loop de Loop

New blog site
2/05/2017 4:22 PM
Sorry I had to do it but I couldn't get the post I needed at the AGLCA blog site so I went elsewhere.  You can now find Nan and I at WordPress. Our site is "doingamericasgreatloopwithbruceandnan". I am presently trying to transfer my original post there too but not sure how that will work.  Another member suggested I post the new site on the AGLCA site and I couldn't even get that done so it is pretty iffy that I might do anything more. Perhaps you can read my originals on this site and then go to WordPress for the rest of the Loop experience with us.  By the way, the WordPress site also has a FaceBook link and we will be posting there also (and yes, we got pictures there too plus another link to YouTube for videos).  I guess what we are letting you know is there is now full access for those wanting to join us for this amazing journey.  Thanks again for any comments input and critiques.  They are all welcome as are all of you.
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Here we go Loop de Loop

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