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Sarasota to Ft. Myers!!!!!!!
By Beverly Kness
Posted on 12/07/2017 10:45 PM

It was a beautiful cloudless day and we felt like we should be getting underway! 
But Seaquest was dead in the water until the repair work got done. 

We stayed six days at Marina Jack in Sarasota and met several other boaters.

Larry and Betty on Independence caught up to us and the six of us toured the Ringling Museum. 

The Ringling combines the beauty of art, power of performance and spectacle of the circus
with the grandeur of a historic home, all set within the wonder of nature.  It celebrates the
legacy of circus owner and art collector John Ringling and his wife Mable, who first purchased
property in Sarasota in 1911.  Since that time, The Ringling has developed into one of the
top visitor attractions in Florida and largest university art centers in the United States. 

We rode our bikes across the long bridge to St. Armands Key. 

Below:  this dog worked for was cute how the dog would take a dollar bill out of
someone's out stretched hand and put it in the bucket while his master played the accordion.

We saw the Christmas parade one evening in Sarasota.  Notice the dog on the back of the pony.

We've never been to a parade that had so many circus animals in it. 

The parts came in as expected and we were happy that the mechanic could do the work the very
same day!  After six nights in Sarasota we were ready to leave that lovely town!  LOL

The photo below shows Sarasota and the marina as we were leaving to continue our journey south.  


We enjoyed a pleasant run that day, working through many bridges, some that needed
to be opened.  We usually call the bridges ahead on the VHF radio Channel 9 requesting a
bridge opening.  The bridge operators were friendly and helpful and we experienced very
little delays, as we proceeded south to Pelican Bay Anchorage at Cayo Costa State Park.

We saw two manatees directly ahead of us in the ICW, we swerved to the side to miss them! 
Manatees move very slow so they often get hit with propellers.  Dolphins on the other hand
move quickly and even though they swim under the boat, chances of hitting them are slim.  

We had fun watching the dolphins jump and play in the wake of the boat while
we listened to Christmas songs on the radio!
There are about four dolphins, in the photo below, swimming along side of our boat!

For some reason the dolphins love to swim in a boat's wake!  Today one jumped so
close it's splash got me wet as i was taking it's picture!  We even heard it make
a whistle sound as it blew water out it's breathing spout!  It is so fun to watch them! 



We came into the Pelican Bay Anchorage around 3:00 pm. 
There were about 20 boats that anchored there that evening.

Tammi and Mike came over on their dinghy after they took Kato
to the beach (washroom as the Canadians say it). 

The evening, at the anchorage, was calm and peaceful.
In the morning the anchor came up very clean.   

We began our Great Loop trip when we left Ft. Myers on March 27, 2017.
From Ft. Myers, we traveled east across the state of Florida by way of Lake Okeechobee, went
up the east coast to New York, took the Erie Canal and Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario, then
traveled in Canada and back to Lake Michigan.  From Chicago we took the river systems down to
Mobile, Alabama.  We then traversed the coast of Florida and arrived back to Ft. Myers on December 6th. 
We have now completed the Loop or you could say we crossed our wake
We are now Gold Loopers! 
When we arrived in Ft. Myers, Tammi took our picture holding the gold looper flag.   


Larry and Betty on Independence started their loop one day after us and they also crossed
their wake in Ft. Myers!  Independence crossed the Gulf with Ned Pepper and Seaquest.

That evening we ate at Pinchers, the restaurant at the marina, to celebrate. Going around the table
clockwise is Ned Pepper, Independence, friends of Total Eclipse, Total Eclipse, Imagine This and Seaquest. 

We are now Gold Loopers holding the Gold Looper flag!  


Since it is winter/cold in Minnesota, we plan to stay in the warmer climate until Spring!   We plan to stay
in Ft. Myers for the month of December,(other than when we are at our daughter's home in Washington,
D.C. area, Dec. 12th-20th.) We plan to move on to Marathon in the FL Keys for January and possibly
travel to the Bahamas after that.  We will keep you informed on the blog as we move from one area to another. 

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