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Enjoying Fort Myers!
3/12/2017 10:43 PM
The weather has been beautiful in Ft. Myers and we are having such a great time with Cheryl and Cal.  We went to Sanibel Island and enjoyed the sites there!  All the shells on the shore were unbelievable!    

One day we took Seaquest out
and Cheryl drove some of the time!  

Here is a picture of the dolphins swimming RIGHT next to the boat!!!
That was SO cool !!


Here is a picture of Cheryl and Cal standing in front of the stadium for the Twins training camp
in Ft. Myers, FL.

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Nancy  (3/14/2017 8:01 PM) 
I finally caught up on your blog. Is sounds like a good adventure. I don't know if I could be on the water so much. I used sea bands while we were on a cruise. Don't know if I really needed them, but figured it didn't hurt. We saw manatees while in Tampa. Strange creatures. Enjoy your adventure.

thanks Nancy! you two take care!
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