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Trenton, Ontario
6/28/2017 9:29 PM
We left Tip of the Bay Marina at Picton, Ontario this morning in route to Trenton, Ontario, a 39 mile day without any locks! 
Below: Friends took this picture of Seaquest as we were leaving Picton this morning.  Some people have asked
the size of Seaquest.  She is 39' in length, 13.5' beam and the draft is 3.5'.   We have one diesel engine a 
330 hp turbo Cummins. 

Picton is a nice town and a convenient location for us to walk downtown.   One of the first things we did in Picton is go to the bank and exchange some U.S. dollars for Canadian dollars.  Currently the exchange rate is in our favor so that made it fun!  $1.00 U.S. gets you $1.28 Canadian at the bank.   Since this is the 150th Anniversary for Canada's independence all the locks are free this year!   nice!  The first thing we needed Canadian money for was to buy Bruce's fishing license.  He is anxious to catch some fish!  Four keeper Perch
the first try off the back of the boat!  Just the right amount for a meal!  

Tomorrow we will enter the first lock of the Trent Severn Waterway!  The Trent Severn Waterway is 386 kilometers in length, has 45 locks, with 2 hydraulic lift locks, 39 swing bridges, 160 dams and control structures and many impressive rivers and lakes!  
Note: a quick way to convert kilometers into miles is to multiply kilometers by two and divide by three to get miles.  So the Trent Severn Waterway is 257.33 miles long!  
It takes some getting used to the Celsius temperature also!   A quick way to change Celsius to Fahrenheit is multiply Celsius times two and add 32.    


We arrived at Trent Port Marina in Trenton this afternoon.   It is a lovely new marina!  It has beautiful bathrooms and showers and even has free washers and dryers available!  
Some of the other marina bathrooms and showers are rustic to put it nicely!  There are several looper boats at this marina!   We knew some of them before, others were new to us.  

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Bruce & Beverly's Blog

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